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At Legends Sports Grill, we require guests to follow our rules policies at all times. These are described in detail on our website and posted at Legends.


If you have questions about any of our rules or policies, feel free to ask; however, if your goal is to get an exception, don't waste your time.  If you are asked to leave, change, or fix your issue then choose to engage in a debate with a member of our staff, things will only get worse.  Not to mention that if you do this, you screw up your good time and possibly the good time of those around you. Just do the right thing up front and you won't have a problem (and you'll have a great time)!

Dress at Legends is casual; however, all guests are required to abide by our dress code.  We ask that guests practice proper hygiene.  Please understand that if your body odor is offensive, you'll probably be turned away.   If we see your underwear, we'll ask you to fix it.   If you don't, you'll be asked to leave.  We don't care if it's "cool" or "in fashion."  It's our policy and a non-negotiable.  If you are asked to leave, you will go immediately and no refund for food or drinks consumed or ordered will given.


Hats should NOT be worn sideways, only forward or backward like your coach taught you.  And no risqué outfits (this is our discretion, not yours.  Don’t make us call your mother)!

We shouldn't have to say it, but shirts are required.   Since our definition of "shirt" and yours might be different, here's a list of what we consider shirts and "not" shirts for the purpose of admission to Legends.  And since our list is the only one that matters, you will be asked to leave if your shirt doesn't fall within our definition.  Again, there will be no refund for food or drinks consumed or ordered.

Black T-Shirt
Black T-Shirt

Long or Short Sleeve 

Tee-Shirt or Dress Shirt

Collar or No-Collar

Patterned or Solid

Wool or Flannel

Cotton or Polyester

Any material not see-thru.

Clean and Free of Excessive Dirt or Stains

Tank tops (guys)

"Wife-beaters" (guys)

Muscle shirts

Bathing Suit Tops (gals)

Mid-drift or see-thru

Sleeveless shirts (guys)

Excessive dirt, rips or stains

Shirts depicting club or gang (colors) or anything we deem offensive. 


Motorcycle Club, Gang, or Boy Band attire (colors) of any kind NOT are allowed.   You are welcome to go outside or go home to change and come back, because after all, we probably like you!   But just like most bars in the area, we have this policy in place to ensure the safety of you, our customers and our staff.   


We also reserve the right to prohibit any article of jewelry or clothing with symbols, words, slogans or designs that are gang-related, promote violence, racism, hate or anything else we deem offensive.  If you wear something we believe will disrupt the operation of business and/or make other guests uncomfortable, you will be invited to leave.  Please...don't be that person.

Let's Recap!

Sideways Hat? 

Wife Beater?




Wearing colors? Sorry, but 


Can we see your undies? Then



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